7SEAS Fishing


A Prize List of freely catchable custom 7Seas Prizes from our SIM , items you can fish for at the link above.

7seas Gestures Bonus Giver v1.0

HITS Zombie Fish

HITS Glitter Pumpkin Group

HITS Mesh Seahorse Skeleton

HITS Monkey Skeleton

HITS Pumpkin Group

HITS Pumpkin Skeleton

HITS Vintage Skeleton

HITS Vintage Skeleton 2

HITS Webbed Pumpkin Group

Hook Line & Sinker Gesture

Insurance Gesture

Octopi Gesture

Reeled Me In Gesture

Whales Gesture

Dream’s 7Seas Custom Prize Giver

Bandeau Dress Black & Blue

Bandeau Dress Black & Green

Bandeau Dress Black & Purple

Bandeau Dress Black & Red

Bandeau Dress Black & Yellow

Bandeau Dress Blue

Bandeau Dress Brass

Bandeau Dress Green

Bandeau Dress Pink

Bandeau Dress Purple



Emelie Solid Dress Black

Emelie White

Erica Fishnet Dress Pink

Erica Fishnet Dress Purple

Freyja In Lace Black

Freyja In Lace Blue

Freyja In Lace Purple

Freyja In Lace Red

Freyja In Lace White

Gorean Grill

Gorean Menu

Gorean Pot of Soup

Gorean Pot Of Stew

Gothic Gown Vintage

Harness Charm 1 Girl

Harness Charm 1 Girl Copper

Harness Charm 1 Girl Gold

Harness Charm 1 Leaf

Harness Charm 1 Leaf Copper

Harness Charm 1 Leaf Gold

Harness Charm 1 Rose

Harness Charm 1 Rose Copper

Harness Charm 1 Rose Gold

HITS Diamonds & Bows Thigh Bands Black

HITS Diamonds & Bows Thigh Bands Blue

HITS Diamonds & Bows Thigh Bands Green

HITS Diamonds & Bows Thigh Bands Pink

HITS Diamonds & Bows Thigh Bands Purple

HITS Diamonds & Bows Thigh Bands Red

HITS Diamonds & Bows Thigh Bands Teal

Hits Gift Card 100L

HITS Harness 4 Black

HITS Harness 4 Blue

HITS Harness 4 Green

HITS Harness 4 Hide

HITS Harness 4 Purple

HITS Harness 4 Red

HITS Harness 4 Teal

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Black

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Blue

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Copper

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Gold RARE

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Green

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Platinum Gold

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Purple

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Red

HITS Simple Nipple Rings Steel

HITS Veronica Lace Dress Black

HITS Veronica Lace Dress Blue

HITS Veronica Lace Dress Green

HITS Veronica Lace Dress Pink

HITS Veronica Lace Dress Purple

HITS Veronica Lace Dress Red

HITS Veronica Lace Dress White

HITS Veronica Lace Dress Yellow

HITS Veronica Mini Dress Black

HITS Veronica Mini Dress Blue

HITS Veronica Mini Dress Green

HITS Veronica Mini Dress Purple

HITS Veronica Mini Dress Red

House Of Dragovar Bellaa Silks Red

House Of Dragovar Dragon Horns

Infi’s Basket 1 LI

Kinky Kilt Maitreya Black

Kinky Kilt Maitreya Blue

Kinky Kilt Maitreya Green

Kinky Kilt Maitreya Hunt

Kinky Kilt Maitreya Purple

Kinky Kilt Maitreya Red

Lace Evening Gown Black

Lace Evening Gown Blue

Lace Evening Gown Purple

Lace Evening Gown Red

Lace Evening Gown White

Lace Tank Top Blue

Lace Tank Top Green

Lace Tank Top Purple

Lace Tank Top Red

Leylani Outfit Black

Leylani Outfit Blue

Leylani Outfit Green

Leylani Outfit Purple

Leylani Outfit Red

Luana Harness Baby

Luana Harness Red

Medieval Knife

Melanie Silk Bottoms Black

Melanie Silk Bottoms Blue

Melanie Silk Bottoms Green

Melanie Silk Bottoms Hide

Melanie Silk Bottoms Purple

Melanie Silk Bottoms Red

Melanie Silk Bottoms Teal

Men’s Shifted Tank Black

Men’s Shifted Tank Blue

Men’s Shifted Tank Gold

Men’s Shifted Tank Peach

Men’s Shifted Tank Purple

Men’s Shifted Tank Red

Men’s Shifted Tank White

Men’s Vest Black

Men’s Vest Black & White

Men’s Vest Dusty

Men’s Vest Pure Black

Men’s Vest Pure Red

Milena Gown Black

Milena Gown Blue

Milena Gown Green

Milena Gown Purple

Milena Gown Red

Milena Gown Teal

Parsit Pellets Fish Food

Roasted Ramberry Tarsk with Stuffed Baked Mushrooms

Round Gorean Grill

Sausage Link

Shower Barrel

Slave Gardens Oyster

Slave Gardens Parsit

Slave Gardens Parsit Baby

Slave Gardens Parsit Mama

Slave Gardens Parsit Papa

Slim Tank Signature Geralt Black

Slim Tank Signature Geralt Fishnet Black

Slim Tank Signature Geralt Fishnet Blue

Slim Tank Signature Geralt Fishnet Red

Slim Tank Signature Geralt Fishnet White

Slim Tank Signature Geralt White

Strapped Corset Silk Blue

Strapped Corset Silk Gold

Strapped Corset Silk Green

Strapped Corset Silk Hide

Strapped Corset Silk Pink

Strapped Corset Silk Purple

Strapped Corset Silk Red

Strapped Kilt Maitreya Black

Strapped Kilt Maitreya Blue

Strapped Kilt Maitreya Green

Strapped Kilt Maitreya Hunt

Strapped Kilt Maitreya Leather

Strapped Kilt Maitreya Purple

Strapped Kilt Maitreya Red

Templer Leather Pants Black

Templer Leather Pants Blue

Templer Leather Pants BO

Templer Leather Pants BR

Templer Leather Pants Brown

Templer Leather Pants Burgundy

Templer Leather Pants Green

Templer Leather Pants Purple

Templer Leather Pants Red

Templer Leather Pants White

Templer Vest Blue

Templer Vest Brown

Templer Vest Fishnet Red

Templer Vest Lace Blue

Templer Vest Lace Purple

Templer Vest Lace Red

Templer Vest Purple

Templer Vest Red

Templer’s Short Sleeve Vest B&O

Templer’s Short Sleeve Vest B&R

Templer’s Short Sleeve Vest B&W

Templer’s Short Sleeve Vest Blue

Templer’s Short Sleeve Vest Bright Red

Templer’s Short Sleeve Vest Red

Templer’s Short Sleeve Vest Red Rennaissance

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Black

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Blue

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Blue Shirt

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Brown

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Gold

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Green

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Green Shirt

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Purple

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Purple Shirt

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Red

Templer’s Song Vest w/Shirt Red Shirt

V-Tech Tank Top Black

V-Tech Tank Top Blue

V-Tech Tank Top Brat Blue

V-Tech Tank Top Brat Pink

V-Tech Tank Top Brat Purple

V-Tech Tank Top Brat Red

V-Tech Tank Top Sea

V-Tech Tank Top Spoiled Blue

V-Tech Tank Top Spoiled Pink

V-Tech Tank Top Spoiled Red

V-Tech Vest Black

V-Tech Vest Blue

V-Tech Vest Purple

V-Tech Vest Red

7seas Bonus Giver v1.0

Animated Plama Ball

catfish (2 prims)

Colonial Bank (41 prims) V1.0

Complete Modular Sewer System

crescent wrench sculpty (1 prim)

Dock stair ramp 2 prims

Dock wide pier 2 prims (Pirate Town)

Harness Corset Black

Harness Corset Blue

Harness Corset Green

Harness Corset Hide

Harness Corset Purple

Harness Corset Red

HITS Bewitched Black

HITS Bewitched Blue

HITS Bewitched Gold

HITS Bewitched Lime

HITS Bewitched Orange

HITS Bewitched Pink

HITS Bewitched Purple

HITS Bewitched Teal

HITS Bondage Bay Iron Butterfly Mini Skirt

HITS Bone Hat Blue

HITS Bone Hat Gold

HITS Bone Hat Gray

HITS Bone Hat Lime

HITS Bone Hat Orange

HITS Bone Hat Pink

HITS Bone Hat Purple

HITS Bone Hat White

HITS Corn Dog Giver

HITS Corndog Stand

HITS Corndog Stand Curtains

HITS Mini Skirt Black Web

HITS Mini Skirt Blue Punkin

HITS Mini Skirt Blue Web

HITS Mini Skirt Forest Web

HITS Mini Skirt Green Punkin

HITS Mini Skirt Green Web

HITS Mini Skirt Hide Punkin

HITS Mini Skirt Orange Punkin

HITS Mini Skirt Orange Web

HITS Mini Skirt Peach Punkin

HITS Mini Skirt Purple Punkin

HITS Mini Skirt Purple Web

HITS Mini Skirt Red Punkin

HITS Mini Skirt Red Web

HITS Wrinkled Mini Skirt Black

HITS Wrinkled Mini Skirt Blue

HITS Wrinkled Mini Skirt Dk Blue

HITS Wrinkled Mini Skirt Dk Purple

HITS Wrinkled Mini Skirt Pink

HITS Wrinkled Mini Skirt Purple

HITS Wrinkled Mini Skirt Red

HydroLab Pod Unfurnished (22 prims)

Lighthouse 48 prims

Mad Scientist Lab jacobs ladder sparker (3 prims)

Mad Scientist Lab tool workbench (4 prims)

MasterMe Copper Place Fishing Trophy

MasterMe Gold Fishing Trophy

MasterMe Silver Place Fishing Trophy

native door curtain

Pirate Graveyard animated skeleton coffin (11 prims)

Pirate Skele Cannoneer (8 prims)

Ruffled Skirt Black & Gold

Ruffled Skirt Blue

Ruffled Skirt Pink

Ruffled Skirt Plain Black

Ruffled Skirt Plain Red

Ruffled Skirt Purple

Ruffled Skirt Red

Ruffled Skirt Teal

shovel sculpty (1 prim)

Sunken Temple Ruins 2

The Dancepit Bronze Trophy

The Dancepit Gold Trophy

The Dancepit Silver Trophy

The Pirates Hideaway Inn 87 prims (Pirate Town)

underwater Sun beams with seahorses(1 prim)

Victorian Magic Lantern Show v2.0(11 prims)

victorian player piano (4 prims)

Victorian-Steampunk overstuffed Armchair (2 prims)

[Clovah]’s 7Seas Partner Prize Giver

By Receiving or purchasing these items, you agree that you will not sell them or give them away full perm. You will not sell them as is. You may use them in your creations and sell those creations as copy/mod or trans/mod.

PicoBit A Walk In May Sounds

PicoBit American Silk Textures

PicoBit Amputation Tool 1

PicoBit Ancient Paper Textures

PicoBit Angel Demon Textures

PicoBit Antique Agrimony

PicoBit Antique Allium

PicoBit Antique Bottle

PicoBit Antique Brak Bush

PicoBit Antique Dropper Bottle

PicoBit Antique Medicine Bottle

PicoBit Antique Paregoric

PicoBit Billhook

PicoBit Textures Armchair

PicoBit Textures Arrowheads

PicoBit Textures Barrels

PicoBit Textures Battered Wall

PicoBit Textures Battered Wood

PicoBit Textures Battered Wood Crate

PicoBit Textures Beautiful Death

PicoBit Textures Biology

PicoBit Textures BirdBath

PicoBit Textures Bones

PicoBit Textures Book

PicoBit Textures Border Linen

PicoBit Textures Brick Wall

PicoBit Textures Bridge Stone

PicoBit Textures Broken Wall

PicoBit Textures Brown Sugar

PicoBit Textures Canopy Bed

PicoBit Textures Carpet

PicoBit Textures Castle Wall

PicoBit Textures Cement Wall

PicoBit Textures Chain Latex

PicoBit Textures Chain Mail

PicoBit Textures Chain Mail Overlay

PicoBit Textures Chain Mail Silk

PicoBit Textures Chessboard Floor

PicoBit Textures Chipped Boards

PicoBit Textures Chipped Stone Wall

PicoBit Textures Chipped Wood

PicoBit Textures Chisel

PicoBit Textures Christmas Linen

PicoBit Textures Cider Press

PicoBit Textures Cinnamon

PicoBit Textures Clouds

PicoBit Textures Coals

PicoBit Textures Cobblestone

PicoBit Textures Cocoa

PicoBit Textures Coffee Machine

PicoBit Textures Color Block Brick

PicoBit Textures Comfy Cloth

PicoBit Textures Confetti Fun

PicoBit Textures Cooking Spray

PicoBit Textures Corkboard

PicoBit Textures Corroded Metal

PicoBit Textures Couch

PicoBit Textures Cracked Wall

PicoBit Textures Crates

PicoBit Textures Crusty Sand

PicoBit Textures Crystal Ball

PicoBit Textures Dark Child

PicoBit Textures Death Calling

PicoBit Textures Deodorant

PicoBit Textures Designer Flannel

PicoBit Textures Devils Path

PicoBit Textures Dirt Floor

PicoBit Textures Dirt Wall

PicoBit Textures Dirty Concrete

PicoBit Textures Dirty Plastic

PicoBit Textures Dirty Plastic V2

PicoBit Textures Distilling

PicoBit Textures Door

PicoBit Textures Door 2

PicoBit Textures Door Knobs

PicoBit Textures Dreaming Leather

PicoBit Textures Dreaming Silk

PicoBit Textures Driveway

PicoBit Textures Emerald Dream

PicoBit Textures Emerald Dreams

PicoBit Textures Engraved Planks

PicoBit Textures Face Cream

PicoBit Textures Faded Brick

PicoBit Textures Fall Grating

PicoBit Textures Fall Terrain

PicoBit Textures Fall Terrain 2

PicoBit Textures Fall Terrain 3

PicoBit Textures Fallen Leaves

PicoBit Textures Fallen Log

PicoBit Textures Feather

PicoBit Textures Fine Chain Mail

PicoBit Textures Fine Chain Silk

PicoBit Textures Fine Plaid

PicoBit Textures Firepit

PicoBit Textures FL satin

PicoBit Textures FL silk

PicoBit Textures Flaking Rust

PicoBit Textures Flannel

PicoBit Textures Floral Linen

PicoBit Textures Floral Wall

PicoBit Textures Flour

PicoBit Textures Flowing Burlap

PicoBit Textures Flowing Flannel

PicoBit Textures Flowing Floral Linen

PicoBit Textures Flowing Velvet

PicoBit Textures Footed Bowls

PicoBit Textures Forest Floor

PicoBit Textures Forest Roots

PicoBit Textures Fur

PicoBit Textures Glitter Silk

PicoBit Textures Goblet

PicoBit Textures Goblet & Decanter

PicoBit Textures Granite Tile

PicoBit Textures Grass

PicoBit Textures Graveyard

PicoBit Textures Gray Days

PicoBit Textures Grunge Stone

PicoBit Textures Grunge Walls

PicoBit Textures Grungy Wood

PicoBit Textures Hand Painted

PicoBit Textures Heart Linen

PicoBit Textures Heart Shaped Candy

PicoBit Textures Hidden Walls

PicoBit Textures Hidden Walls 2

PicoBit Textures Honey

PicoBit Textures Innocence

PicoBit Textures Inset Pebbles

PicoBit Textures Inset Well

PicoBit Textures Japanese Paper

PicoBit Textures Jean

PicoBit Textures July

PicoBit Textures Knit

PicoBit Textures Knotty Wood

PicoBit Textures Lab Equipment

PicoBit Textures Lab Equipment 2

PicoBit Textures Lace Overlay

PicoBit Textures Leather

PicoBit Textures Leather 2

PicoBit Textures Light Snow

PicoBit Textures Light Wooden Panels

PicoBit Textures Lightbulb

PicoBit Textures Lighter

PicoBit Textures Loose Knit

PicoBit Textures Low Desk

PicoBit Textures Manual Plow

PicoBit Textures Manure Speader

PicoBit Textures Marble

PicoBit Textures Marble 2

PicoBit Textures Marble 3

PicoBit Textures Medieval Chandalier

PicoBit Textures Memorial Velvet

PicoBit Textures Metal Barrel

PicoBit Textures Mildew Siding

PicoBit Textures Mowed Grass

PicoBit Textures Olde Yoke

PicoBit Textures Ottoman

PicoBit Textures Pillars

PicoBit Textures Pillowcase

PicoBit Textures Pillowcase 2

PicoBit Textures Pink Floral

PicoBit Textures Place Setting

PicoBit Textures Plaid Stripe

PicoBit Textures Pottery

PicoBit Textures Pumpkin

PicoBit Textures Rusted Metal

PicoBit Textures Sack

PicoBit Textures Sand

PicoBit Textures Saw

PicoBit Textures Skull

PicoBit Textures Snowman

PicoBit Textures Spice boxes

PicoBit Textures Stool

PicoBit Textures Stuffing

PicoBit Textures Teddy Bear

PicoBit Textures Tent

PicoBit Textures Tool

PicoBit Textures Velvet

PicoBit Textures Velvet Band

PicoBit Textures Wheat Flour

PicoBit Textures Wood Boards

PicoBit Textures Yoke 2

(CC)PG -PROMO v2.5

(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Lemon Merengue’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Cherry’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Key Lime’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Strawberry’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Blueberry’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL FIB: Tidal Fancy Guppy (Fish in Bowl)
CC CMH Non-Rod: Borg Cube Cannon
(CC) V-Day Rez-Rod: Rainbow Lovie Dovie Pole
(CC) V-Day Rez-Rod: Lovie Dovie Pole
(CC) GFH Non-Rod: Red Random Grab Bag
(CC) Non-Rod: Flight Enabled Wheelchair
(CC) 2011 Rez-Rod: ‘NY Celebration’ Floral Bouquet
(CC) Flaming Angel Chew Toy
(CC) Red Snapper Chew Toy
(CC) Big Bone Chew Toy
(CC) Dead Duck Chew Toy
(CC) Yellow Perch Chew Toy
(CC) Dead Cat Chew Toy
(CC) Big Mouth Bass Chew Toy
(CC) Carrot Man Chew Toy
(CC) Big Mouth Squeeze Toy
(CC) Zebra Squeeze Toy
(CC) Mad Cat Squeeze Toy
(CC) Lobster Squeeze Toy
(CC) Pschitt Lemon Soda
(CC) Frog’s Piss Energy Drink
(CC) Piranha Energy Drink
(CC) 1st Place Brain Trophy
(CC) 2nd Place Brain Trophy
(CC) 3rd Place Brain Trophy

7seas Food & Drink Bonus Giver v1.0

Absinthe Cocktail

Absinthe Drink


Beer Mug

Beer Mug 2


Drinking Jug

English Ale

Golden Chalice

Irish Beer

Lily Goblet

Old Whiskey Jug

Old Wine

Red Wine

Silver Chalice

Studded Tankard

White Wine

Wine Bottle

Wine Chalice

Wooden Tankard

Yellow Wine

Glass of Absinthe

HITS Carrot Pop

HITS Carrot Pop Bloody

HITS Carrot Pop Bloody BlueBerry RARE

HITS Carrot Pop Bloody Gold

HITS Carrot Pop BlueBerry

HITS Carrot Pop Chocolate

HITS Corn Dog Giver

HITS Corndog Stand

HITS Football Cake Pop Bowl

Whale Skeleton Toy Bone

Whale Skeleton Toy Burnt

Whale Skeleton Toy Charred

Whale Skeleton Toy Green

Whale Skeleton Toy Lace

Whale Skeleton Toy Orange

Whale Skeleton Toy Pink

Whale Skeleton Toy Purple

Whale Skeleton Toy Sea

+ the occasional one time no copy item I toss in for extra fun.

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